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Steve Gray

Steve Gray

Our business and personal lives require so much more than “turn up and keep doing what you’ve always done”, lifelong learning is vtial for organisations and individuals to stay on top of their game. Here is some of what I can offer, either by myself or in combination with other professionals.

Create training programs – For in-house situations – Leadership – Innovation – Communication – Induction – Service – Sales Success – Customer Acquisition Programs – Wellness Programs

Speak at your conference or training event – Leadership – Innovation – Creativity – Finding your Rhythm (Very interactive, great fun! Tackles Teamwork – Building Rapport and more) – Connecting with people – Sales success – Your buisness success – Full keynote adresses – Plenary sessions

In house facilitation – Discussions and brainstorming on; Business success – Leadership – Ways to innovate – Building creativity – HR issues – Teamwork – Connecting with people – Staff motivation – Exploring company values and ideals – Employee engagement – Rumble! a percussive team exercise, great for teamwork and engagement.

Attend a business workshop – I run these from time to time, to give people in business a clear idea of what it takes to run a business, a no holds barred approach to creating business success, large or small…

One on one business coaching – You are not sure what prevents you from doing more, being more having more… Call me to discuss how I can assist you – Personal Excellence – Conscious Leadership – Goal Setting – You Inc…

Call me, I want to assist you and your business… 0414 522 128 within Australia