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Attention Business Startups: Want to find ways to get your business going, with less headaches, greater productivity, giving you more holidays/family time and still be profitable? Of course you do.

Join us for a one day workshops designed Tilted Start Biz logo
to give you the all important
in starting and running your business…

Dear Business Explorer,

Do you want to start a business but are worried it might fail?

Are  you concerned you may not be able to make the business profitable? Or you’re not even sure what profit means..

Are you ready to get started but are worried you will have to work long hours for little benefit?

Perhaps you are already in business and struggling to handle everything!

Maybe you would like to juggle five things at once and still make a profit, yeah right!

Answering yes to these questions means you have some challenges to face, but you know deep in your heart you want to go into business… You have probably dreamt about it for years. The only thing holding you back is your concern that you may not know enough (or perhaps that you know too much!)

Now there is an answer, Join me for the Biz-Start workshop  and learn more about what it takes to get your idea into action and get positive results.

People like to succeed not fail, the Biz-Start workshop will help you explore your business idea, give you key pointers for researching, planning and making your venture work. Business can be tough, it can send you broke, cause you emotional distress, break up relationships, upset families, and more… you don’t want that. If you know anyone who has gone into business and gone broke, you may also be worried if you can make it, some say that up to 75% of all businesses fail in the first year! You don’t want that either!

  • Business can sap your energy
  • It can mean long hours in the office
  • You may struggle to get everything done
  • Your staff can be revolting
  • Your marketing might fail
  • How will you have time to think let alone do business
  • It can eat up your life savings in no time

Want some good news…

After working with a range of business people and businesses I have created this workshop using the best of what I know and put it together with some fantastic information to help you have a great start to business. Already in business? Join us to catch up on what you may not already know.

From marketing to management and operational issues I will give you loads of hard won information from years of training people to lead, negotiate, market, develop and explore ideas. I have been in business myself and know that the hard work can pay big dividends, but it can also cause a LOT of heartache if it does not work out! Make it easy, not hard and join us for my best workshop  to date.

  • Want to start a business?
  • Want to discover what makes a successful business?
  • Want to get a real insight into what it takes to make it work?
  • Want to know where to start, what to do and how to do it?
  • Don’t want to know about the headaches, pain and daily grind… but know you have to
  • Want to know the key traits of a successful business?
  • Want to be armed with solid information to make a positive difference from DAY 1?

Join in my journey of discovery to explore what you need to know about getting into business. If I knew what I know now, I would have saved myself MANY thousands of dollars and a ton of heartache… Imagine having a fistful of $100 dollar notes and slowly throwing them away and having little to show for it. Yep that sort of pain, then imagine doing it again for longer… Now that really hurts, let’s stop doing that…

Let’s ease the pain of getting started and
give you the best chance to make a positive start.

image courtesy of Image Majestic

image courtesy of Image Majestic

I have run other workshops on business, here is what others have said about those…

“Steve is in business, has written numerous how to articles on business and wants to share his hard won knowledge to stop people failing in business. From Leadership pointers, to marketing and how to manage the whole process, Steve has a ton of information to share”
– Rob Briscoe

“Steve has a great way of engaging people, very interactive, very knowledgeable with rock solid ideas that work.”
– Jean Bennett

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 You get all this and more!

  • Tools to boost your productivity and profitability
  • Marketing ideas and strategies for the non marketer
  • Ideas on what works and what can make a positive difference to your start up phase
  • Access to tried and tested material you can count on for years to come
  • Learn the secrets of successful businesses
  • Discover how to make business easier
  • A one page business planning guide, yes it can be done!
  • A chance to explore ways to make your business the best it can be
  • Insights into six key areas of business and why you probably don’t know about three of them (yet)
  • Discover why 220 is a magic number you need to know about and why people who don’t know fall into it’s viscious trap

Is business really for you?

Learning about business can be time consuming, costly with no clear view of success!

If you believe getting into business might be easy but making it run well might be hard, you are on the right track.

However easy it is to register a business and get started the long haul details can be mind blowing. I like to think of it as going on a hike, the map may make things look easy, go from A to B but when you get on the ground the actual territory might be impassable due to rocks, hills, thick forest, not to mention dangerous animals which may be lurking nearby!

The challenge is to discover how to create a plan that allows you to look at the territory before you get there, perhaps a little like using the street views feature on Google maps.

Getting into business can be an incredible journey of discovery and ensuring you have the right tools to evaluate your business idea is part of the process, figuring out how to make the practical parts of it happen is another

But are you wondering…

Who is Steve Gray and why you should listen to him?

Steve Gray Business Trainer

Steve Gray Business Trainer

I started my first business with a friend, it was a disaster but we learnt a lot, that was some 30 years ago and I still remember clearly how we slaved away late into the night doing our best to make a part time screen printing business work, it didn’t and we parted amicably.

A few years later I brushed off the business registration certificate (yes I got to keep the business name) and tried again, this time as a photographer. I was soon lured away with the promise of a secure future in a teaching role and my Wife’s insistence we move to a new area (the real estate prices were also much better in the new city.)

Teaching cutbacks by the then State Government meant I was ‘out on my ear’ after just over three years of Casual Relief Teaching (Errgh!) I dusted the certificate off again to start a design business. This time armed with more knowledge of business and a computer, I had read a lot, asked many questions and was ready to brave it all again. One key thing I did was to enrol in a sales course and learnt a lot in nine very lengthy sessions and realised selling was incredibly important to my success as a business operator.

More reading, more courses, more investigation and I soon found I had a skill for assisting my clients to explore all sorts of areas of their business and not just the print and design side of things.

I ran a few small seminars to help people boost their business success. Then a business expo (it seemed to be a good idea at the time). All the while I learnt more and more about business and what made things tick.

I was asked by a local paper to write a few articles on business, ninety articles later I had got the writing and researching bug.

I coupled with a local Entrepreneur and we developed a website which I still contribute to today! The incredible feeling of having contributed so much to people world wide, in areas of Marketing, HR Management, planning strategies, Creativity and Innovation has been wonderful, now I have done hundreds of articles, two books on Business, one book on Visual Art and have interviewed many Contemporary Visual Artists on one of my blogs.

Now I have the chance to take things further, after seeing too many businesses struggle or just simply fail, I wanted to do something to make a positive difference. Take a look at the information I want to present to aspiring business owners like you and I feel sure you will want to join me as I share my hard won knowledge to give you a solid chance to make your business work for you.

Steve Gray

My Personal Guarantee…

All it takes is for you to make a commitment to join us for the workshop. If at the end of the workshop you truly believe I have not given you information to benefit a business starting up I will fully refund your investment.

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Here Are The 6 Sections You’ll Discover
During The Workshops


Discover How To Make Marketing Easy…

  • What media to use
  • How to target the right customers
  • What is marketing
  • Marketing mistakes you can avoid
  • Creating a simple marketing plan using one simple device every household has
  • What sets your marketing apart
  • Why people buy, you will be surpised by this one
  • Making adverts work
  • Sales strategies that work
  • Why repetition rocks…
  • Measuring what works
  • Yes social media can work, but you have to keep doing it and do it right


You Are the Leader, Discover…

  • Leadership born or taught?
  • Key traits of effective leaders
  • How to boost your leadership skills with customers and staff
  • Why you will develop other leaders in your business and how to do it
  • How to take the stress and hassle out of leading
  • Why you need to know about MBWA
  • What’s different when you are the Boss… Lots so get some how to information to deal with it


During This Session Discover…

  • Good service is easy right? WRONG it takes work I will show you how
  • Please and thank you’s are all good but there is more…
  • Quality, Value Service, is there more?
  • Solve service challenges FAST
  • Why there are only two types of Customers and how to work with both
  • Feedback, the good the bad and the downright ugly and why you need to know about all of it


This Session You Will Discover…

  • About the plans you need and why
  • The steps to take in planning
  • The things people miss in their planning
  • 10 – 20 – 30 thinking and planning
  • Simple strategies around dollars and sense/cents
  • Why 220 is the magic number you need to know about
  • How what you want to earn and what you might actually earn can be VERY different
  • How a couple in business earned $125K and why this wan’t enough… How you can plan to avoid this problem


Here’s A Sample Of What You’ll Discover…

  • What makes a business really excel
  • Why excellence matters
  • You have the technical skills, but that’s not enough find out why
  • Why you need to know about one crazy six letter acronym which can make your business sustainable and have your accountant scratching their head
  • How to make your main business asset work harder than you thought possible
  • How a DRF is different to a profit and why you should probably have one
  • The purpose and function of a business, they are different, will it make a big difference if you know the answer, perhaps


Discover More…

  • Win/Win strategies
  • Key pointers to make your business all you want it to be
  • Reasons why your business needs to grow, even though you may not want that right now
  • Situations that will ruin a business fast

Here’s the detailsDate table image

Time – 9am – 6pm

Who – People with business start-up idea, or even people who have started already but want more information on business

Your Investment – $175 per person or $275 per couple SAVE $100!
Payment – Paypal, cash or credit, you choose…

Book NOW!  Fill out your details and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

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