Why you need to develop great staff now…

I came across this gem and didn’t believe it at first. Ok I did believe it and thought about it for a while, looked up more examples and came to the conclusion that it is so powerful you need to know about it now or your business will fade before your very eyes.

As a business person at any level, you will soon realise that bad information can travel by word of mouth very fast, however, what if as well as travelling fast it was able to stick? Then you would have a dire situation.

Here’s where it started. Jump on to Google maps and go to any town or city, zoom in and check out areas where there are businesses, check out a restaurant or a café, they often have their name there in a line of text added to Google maps. Not you can click onto these and it shows up another window, if they have reviews these are listed as a link take the link.

I have checked about 25 of these all over the place – USA – Australia etc… and the amazing thing is the bad reviews.

Rude waiters – cold food – bad seating – long waits – Ants, YES ants on the table! But instead of it being a fleeting comment amongst friends (who can forget this sort of info) these reviews stay and can be seen by millions!

Clearly there are issues with customer service here. But ask what comes BEFORE the service happens for the customer? Perhaps it’s the boss barking orders, a manager berating staff, a bully on the team, a difficult home life before the Employee gets to work. It could be a range of other issues as well but what it leads to is BAD SERVICE and the customers can let the world know fast.

Bad service, these days with a quick Google search you can be caught out and before you can say “global financial crisis” the prospective customers have gone elsewhere. Your business, no $$ your competition more $$…

You need to stop this happening fast. How? Ask your staff, ask your trusted business advisor, do internet research and or try these.

  • Find out what’s up – if they love you and the business they are happy, ask yourself how can I make them happier (not with more money).
  • Train them to be highly attentive with all customers and to treat them as if they are heavy weight food /business critics (because they are!)
  • Make sure all food served/ products offered are very good to exceptional.
  • Make the environment they are in while interacting with your business is as good as it can be.
  • Monitor your staff for happiness, if they aren’t happy find out what you can do to make them happy.
  • Train your people in service excellence, there is so much info on the web to show you how there are no excuses!

Now watch as the reviews become positive for your place of business and you get the customers the others are losing out on. But if you don’t watch out for the signs of a fading business!

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