When people don’t say hello

First and foremost you are human… then a business person/employee

So ask yourself and or your team, what are the qualities of a “highly functional/effective” human being and then orient towards that.

My reasoning comes from a person in the office who only says hello to certain people, some don’t notice and some are ‘miffed’ by the lack of communcation.

This might seem like a lightweight topic, but when you experience a person who doesn’t seem to connect with one or more people in your team you might want to rethink about how things happen. Perhaps it could be an integral part of the next training session your organisation runs

Let’s face it having great people to work with is a HUGE bonus and can make the world of difference if everyone is working to the same set of guiding principles. Of course I realise all people are different and that personality types can clash etc. BUT there are things people can be made more aware of so they can work at being more ‘humanly effective’.

Communication skills – Reading body language

Sociability – Inclusiveness

Respect – Tolerance – Cultural awareness

Emotional intelligence – Personality type aware

Also check out what people think, perhaps with a 360 degree survey or similar to see how the relationships in your organisation fit (or not), obvious aspects such as cultural differences can cause awkward moments sure, however the subtle differences of everyday communication can be harder to pinpoint.

Perhaps it’s just a few in the organisation who feel a person is not connecting with them, then investigate to find out how specifically they see the situation and how they would like things to be, then go about minimising the difference between the actual and perceived situation and how ideally the situation should be.

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