The Winds of Change

So the boss says he’s going to change things. No big deal you think, he’s been talking about positive changes for a while a new office, a fresh start will be good. Things fall in to place and before you know it the ball is rolling.

The move ends up costing a small fortune and not six months later the business is facing a huge downturn in work. The market place can be like that, one minute a high workload drops and vaporises into thin air. Now there’s talk of redundancies, staff are looking over their shoulder, some jump for cover, some simply go quiet.

Sure the business is trying some new marketing to see if there is any work to pick up… so far no  luck. You reflect on the positive changes, sure they cost the company $$ but the end result is okay. You then ask, but what was more important the move or the organisations staffing levels, if they didn’t spend up big on the move would the situation have been financially better? Let’s not go there…

What could happen next?

  • Time spent evaluating the business, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Explore other areas your business may be able to move into
  • Time spent brainstorming options for getting more work
  • Explore other staffing options – part time – Leave without pay

What if you don’t do anything?

The notion of redundancies, the idea the business might close, these can be difficult options to explore. Surely the idea of actively exploring all options with your team is worth it? It’s your business, all your efforts, all your energy, blood, sweat and tears have got you this far, go on get the team together and truly explore options before cutting back on staff.

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