The Employee Bubble

I want you to imagine the ideal employee, motivated, productive wanting to do more, be more, have more, all for your business (and themselves). You soon notice that the customers love them, the other team members get on with them well and so on, all good and cosy. But you know in reality this is just a dream, a dream that can turn sour fast and before you know it you awake and the reality of the above positive scenario appears as but a mere hoax and the real world Employee is a ton of trouble just waiting to happen.

What to do about it? Well lots actually, you can fire their sorry butt and hope the next one is better, or perhaps stay with the devil you know. Surely there is a middle ground starting point to work with… try this

Imagine a see through ball, a sphere, on that ball you find the following key traits which make up the ideal staff member – Motivation – attitude – qualifications – skills – abilities – beliefs – values – expectations (theirs) then imagine a second sphere just outside that where  your business resides, it has the standards – expectations – resources on it.

Now you have to aim to make both spheres align so the point where they converge is the same, if not the mismatch can become a cause for concern, hence the lousy employee.

You then have to ask, what the mismatch items are and how will we ensure that at the induction stage you check out all their details thoroughly and then follow through with training and the like to ensure you can keep the mismatch at bay for the length of time they are with your organisation.

Expect that mismatches can be the norm and your efforts to make things balance will make a positive difference, minimising staff turnover, assisting to build motivation and productivity, all of these vital to your organisations ongoing success.

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