Success happiness and all that jazz

In business there are a wide range of people having a wide range of success (and failure) in the melee are people with varying levels of happiness. Strangely enough not all successful people are happy and the same for those to whom success seems to elude them.

Perhaps somewhere in the middle ground is a nice balance where the happily somewhat successful ‘hang out’.

Some suggest happiness can lead to success, as the sense of achievement towards even small goals may make us happier. Therefore it’s not difficult to suggest that learning from success is better than learning from failure (unless you have an interest in pain and suffering).

Perhaps there are levels of failure which cause us to look harder, do more, explore more to find a solution, the challenge to succeed causing us to thrive and therefore experience personal growth. If the solution has a positive outcome the sense of achievement kicks in and voila happiness.

The reason to explore all this, simple, to cause you to start thinking about success and failure and how it relates to you and knowing what causes you to be happy. Let’s face it having a happy person to work for/with is MUCH better than working for a miserable grumpy person always seeing negativity.

Your aim in starting to identify with what makes you happy is to then find more ways to cause your business to excite you. Chances are the rest of your team will also get excited. Imagine that a team of people excited to be part of your business… Seems like a good idea to me.

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