Stop Making Excuses

You’ve heard them, I’m sick of them, and others will realise just how damaging they are when they get the point.

Excuses, Oh we can be there until, we don’t have that one because, they do it that way because it’s faster, they will get around to it give them a chance, great service, sounds good but… and the list goes on.

Some of these excuses are probably very justifiable however things can soon start to slip and before we know it, a justifiable reason can become more like a lame excuse.

A lame excuse is one developed to justify a situation based more on having any response to try and make things appear ok. In the end you end up with more lame excuses, therefore reasons why not rather than reasons why. Oh we can’t do that because we don’t have the tools (can you get them? Probably yes, it’s just laziness) – Oh I didn’t think you needed that in a hurry (No I didn’t but it would have been good to get the project started early, after all business is a bit quiet at the moment!)

The astute Leader will see these situations, perhaps even predict their occurrence and set people up to avoid them and make every effort to overcome them before they have to utter a word to cover up for poor performance.

Excuses seem to happen to cover up poor performance. Rather than covering up, how about creating great performance? Before your leader comes to you with more projects to pile on your desk how can you ensure the systems you have in place will be based on exploring better ways to do things, creating better systems, policies and procedures to get things done effectively.

Then the Leader can cause people to avoid making excuses and end up with better end results. Stop making excuses for why not, but make excellent reasons for why.

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