Smart Leaders – Smart Business – Smart offices

For people to perform well they need to have the right environment to work in, that goes without saying, but how do you set things up so you get the environment right? A smart Leader will know that collaborating with their team will be a useful way to go this will then assist with the design process and the practicality of the final layout.

The smart Leader will also know current trends in office setups are to more open plan designs which allow for more communication over low dividing panels, they also know it’s wise to have some private space for the quiet working processes to take place. In the end the realise that flexibility of approach can be a very useful tool in making their business smarter.

Oh and did you ask your team about how they want the offices to be and how they feel they work best (in a noisy or a quiet place, hot cold light or dark…) how did your office space design reflect that process? Can people really feel like they were consulted with and their ideas explored or did they feel helpless in the process.

How about the style, colours, materials, fittings and fixtures? Are the walls blank or with they be loaded with artworks which can help to mitigate noise levels? Will your people be inspired by the space or will they just feel as though ‘it’s just another office’?

All of these factors will conspire together to help create an office environment where your team can be all they can be, allowing them to be more creative and effective in their approach to their projects. Well that’s the theory anyway!

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