Smart Leaders Do Less

In the beginning they might do more, but more out of necessity to learn that it’s hard work and there are smarter ways to do business.

Let’s look at what I mean here. There is only so much time in the day, to be able to get everything done you might need to either work ‘flat out’ with minimal distractions or delegate the work to others, the more  you delegate the more you can focus on core tasks.

I always recall Henry Ford’s statement that goes something like this… “I have many experts to tell me how things should be done, so I use them, I can’t know everything. I then think of Richard Branson, I don’t see him doing work, more to the point I see him doing publicity stunts. Therefore I imagine he has people doing things for him and the company.

How are you doing in the ‘doing less stakes’? Perhaps your business is in the start- up phase and it requires you to do almost everything to get things started. Perhaps you are a workaholic and just like to do more, or perhaps you don’t know any better and consider that as the business operator/owner you need to do long hours.

Please note that as a business operator you are taking risks that an Employee does not, you are putting your heart and soul into your project/s which the Employee does not. Therefore you should reap more rewards when things are going well. Add to that the fact that if you do well in one venture  you may be able to duplicate that success in another, more jobs are created, more chances of building a profit and more chances of you creating an ongoing legacy of solid business results where many can benefit.

Get smart, get more people to do more of the jobs you don’t need to, get smart and have less stress, more options and opportunities and revel in the positive results you can create.

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