Praise in public – Discipline in private

Lots of supervisory people do this,  “Well done on that job Harry” in front of their colleagues, then if a point needs to be made to get them back on track and some words of a disciplinary nature need to be used, then do it in private. Doing it publicly can be humiliating and therefore cause that person to lose face (it may not seem like it to you, but to them it could be a BIG issue).

Let’s go one more step and say “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” Nice quote, and the sentiment holds true in business. You want you people to be running with you, not off doing something else, therefore your role is to figure out as many ways as you can to get people on side and keep them there through thick and thin.

Some thoughts…

  • Keep comments objective – If you favour one person over another it will be noticed and can turn people off playing hard for the team. You should keep the discussion based on fact and therefore objective, if you feel something, perhaps keep that to yourself. If however you can verify something then stick with that.
  • Attitudes are us – If you are like me, you will hate it when people give you some ‘attitude’, a sneer, a wry remark, a roll of the eyes etc. You may want to discuss that with the person, or perhaps remind them of the company’s values and ideals around respect and tolerance then give them examples of how to work towards making values work.
  • Love your people – Yes I said love…  I suggest you get used to that notion, after all in some environments you will be working with the same people for many hours on end and for years to come. Who wants to work with people they hate! Figure out ways to love you team, go on make a list and implement it (oh and make the ‘love’ appropriate ok… J
  • Plan to be on the same page – If you are acting as if excellent customer service is a HUGE priority but your team are doing otherwise then the pages are different. Talk to the team, explore what the term excellent customer service means, and what needs to alter to make it happen.

There are a few points on ways to catch more flies and keep them where you want them.

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