Let’s meet

No, let’s not meet. Send me the things you want feedback on and I will email you back with some responses. Please don’t waste my time.

So when should we meet? Meetings are an important way of communicating information to people however think of the consequences of having 10 people in a room for an hour, if they are paid $20 per hour that’s $200 in lost productivity, Ok perhaps the meeting will show them how to up the productivity in some way to recoup the investment, but other than that, is this a cost you want to have?

Let’s test it, grab $200 in cash and throw it away (so it doesn’t come back), are you happy with that? I think not, then consider doing this a coupe of times a week, then add that up per year, get the message?

When should we meet then? Simple, when you can get an idea across quickly, when you can stick to the agenda, when you can make sure all people can be there on time, when you can stop ‘waffling on’ trying to sound important.

Perhaps a meeting is good when you can sell people an idea which will recoup the meeting time and cost, many times over, or if it can save people having an accident that would cost many $$ if it happened.

Of course there are times when having a meeting is more about getting to connect with people you may not know so well so you can ‘read them’, then there are those times when a rousing speech can inspire and invigorate the team to do more of the right things to make your business more effective (and recooup the time and $$ invested).

Think about what you want to communicate and ask yourself, if I emailed the information to the people I want to communicate to, would that have the desired result? Chances are yes it would.

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