Something inspired you to get into business, keep going in business and hopefully succeed. What about your staff? It’s probably a question you don’t think to ask, and in a world with so many things happening, so many distractions, so many ways to fail… Many of us will probably not even bother to ask.

I believe it’s a great question to ask, the sort of question connected to creativity, innovation, and thinking outside the square to name a few. For some of us the things and people which inspired us are probably dear to our heart and not something you readily share but they are a part of what makes you , you.

The same goes for your staff. If I may be so bold as to suggest if they are not inspired then something is not right. Ask  yourself “What gets me up early and keeps me up late?” if it’s connected to what inspires you then ask will my staff also have the same thing happening?

If you ask them what inspires them you may find some amazing information, or cause them to go on a search for an inspiring catalyst.

Is all this of value? Yes… go back to what inspires you to do what you do, if you cannot reach a goal or figure out a challenge, whatever it is that inspires you can ‘kick in’ to assist you to find a solution (often a creative one).

If an ‘inspiring source’ causes creative options to be explored to solve a challenge then ask how will my staff find creative ways to overcome challenges?

If like me you have been to a conference, convention, seminar, workshop or two, you will probably remember at least one of the keynote presentations due to the inspiring speaker. So why not do this somehow, with your team?

There could be a whole range of Training and Development options created for your team to become more creative and explore inspirational options. It could be you send them links to online videos of people and ‘things’ which are inspirational (See if the discussion around the water cooler alters with this one step).

Or what about finding other ways for them to explore outside the square and share how they did it to come up with the answer to a work based (or other) challenge.

Now is a great time to bring up the aim (rather than at the start…) the Aim is to build your workforce capacity to ensure they have the right skills and abilities to solve business challenges a the right time, in doing so it should have a positive impact on the organisations bottom line. Smart people should equal smart profits… What would you like to do next to ensure your team can explore challenges in a creative way?

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  1. 3. Learn Something. Constantly learning keeps you fresh, and inspires new creative thinking. Take a class, read a book, research a topic online, watch a webinar or online video, or listen to a podcast. There are so many ways to access information, the problem may be narrowing down the choices! Learning something within your field is a great way to freshen your thinking, open your perspective and advance your career. Build your skillset, experiment with new technology, research the history of your craft, or study the masters of your industry. Learning something outside of your area is a great way to get the creativity flowing as well. For a writer, doing visual art can get them out of their head and opened up to new ideas. For a visual artist or someone who works heavily with technology, try some reading or writing for a new perspective. Challenge yourself to learn something new every day, and purposefully take advantage of classes and other formal learning opportunities as often as you can.

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