Demise of a Sales Person

“To succeed, your business must not focus on selling, but on providing solutions to your customers. When you focus on providing solutions, something awesome happens: your business product offerings will never become obsolete. Instead, they’ll thrive toward meeting customer needs-no matter the era.”

Inspired by Theodore Levitt

The challenge is knowing what they need, on knowing that would you… be selling videos, DVD recorders, or hard disk recorders for TV’s?

Clue? The latest generation of stuff generally (if you want to be up there and happening but remember there are many sorts of people out there buying’ so beware the trap it might provide.) If you are seriously selling with the aim of thriving in business, you would want to be setting up the next ‘big thing’ so that when it comes on line for consumers you are ready for it, not fumbling to try and accommodate it.

Example, there are a bunch of computer shops that have amassed old stock (not that old really in ‘normal’ terms but in computing things alter so quickly.) Sure they got a good deal but they are soon going to be passed by others with more savvy and edge.

The aim is figuring out how to be one or three steps ahead of the competition so you can develop a solid edge, perhaps not so much to ‘beat the competition hands down’ but to be equal or just ahead of it.

Remember thrive not just survive.

There are plenty of ways to tackle creativity in business and now more than ever businesses need to think outside the square.

So will you search for solutions or focus on sales?

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