Creating More Business Possibilities

Businesses often fail to see the creative input that happens in their company. Sometimes their teams use creative approaches and don’t even know it. It can be small scale things, small scale thinking that causes them to come up with a solution or a possibility. Perhaps they do some brainstorming and explore some options with other team members, then they create options towards a solution.

Most people seem to think that a creative approach to anything in their business will be a big fanfare, a bringing together of minds to push some boundaries find options and get out of a rut. If you’re like me you have attended a few sessions with a ‘guru’ to help develop a mission and vision statement and all the CEO can see is the amount of people in one room they are paying to sit around and through soft toys at each other and have a yummy lunch together, meanwhile there are day to day tasks being left behind… Oh the travesty!

In reality both approaches can have value, the challenge can be to make the creative appreciated, and find ways to foster it to cause useful results to come from it.  Results, that’s where the challenge lies, however history has shown many organisations have thrived due to creative approaches to problem solving, therefore get creative and get results!

Remember, most work done by our brains is logical, so getting creative can have the benefit of allowing us to ‘flex’ our brains and probably provide your team with a renewed interest in work.

Here’s some approaches to consider.

–          Feed your brains with fresh material – You and your team can be stimulated in ways which can lead to fresh approaches and modes of discovery. Find ways to get fresh information into your heads without getting bogged down in just obviously logical work connected options, open things out to include other material.

  • Travel – Clearly travel gives you fresh stimulus, even on a small scale, going to work a different way, finding a new suburb to ‘check out’ even a walk in a new park can be of value.
  • Creative exploits – Check out Art galleries, new music, or performances. Seeing how others experience and portray the world around them can lead to new internal connections in your brain and stimulus.
  • An inspiring speaker – Ever listened to an inspiring person tell their story? Usually people say the time flew, and that they were totally engaged in the process from start to finish. Consider ways to make that happen.
  • Exploring thinking – Philosophical ‘conversations’, even scientific ones can give fresh approaches to how we experience and view the world.
  • New Business approaches – Meetings getting bogged down? Teams unstimulated? Then figure out ways to alter the work situation so the meetings take on a fresh flavour, the teams are stimulated and you can get things buzzing. Take a look at ways to do this on the internet, there is sure to be a lots of ways to cause things to stimulate in your work environment. For starters consider a ‘show and tell’ session for fresh idea development. (keep it short and sharp.)

–          Create new maps – Imagine exploring a new area of wilderness, no map just your senses to make ‘sense’ of what you see, you might start out with some logical ideas (here’s where we started in the ‘known universe’) but what you find in the new territory is anyone’s guess. In your mind your new creative discoveries can be just like this a new map being formed in your head.

–          Get in the zone – It could be a notice board, a place to share on the ‘intranet’ a meeting room with a difference, an open space where creativity is highly valued. Then invite your people to use it as a creative development zone.

Out of all of that you and your team can get your creative juices flowing and let any results speak for themselves (it may just be employee engagement, but it could be a heap of other options as well) The big thing is to give it a go to see what’s possible.

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