Chill factor

Well folks this one comes from the holiday ‘hip’ again… I was up the top of the big gondola ride at Queenstown NZ (wow what a view) the clouds were spinning about (its up fairly high…) and the visitors rush in, have a look, grab a coffee and go down again…

Some of the young at heart and the young go on a “luge ride” on a concrete track (Great fun! I went 3 times and watched a teenager whizz past and come to grief on a corner, lots of skin from his elbow left on the concrete) Its basically a cart on wheels with a steering mechanism, pull back to stop etc… What struck me was the rush, simple hurly burly rush… we have arrived, what’s the next destination… I sat for a while in the viewing area (across lake Whakatipu, and the Remarkables mountain range as well as many others.)

I then got tired of seeing the rush and found a spot undercover with a prime view of the scenery and spent time taking a break, soaking up the brilliant view, and watching things ebb and flow. The interesting thing was few people came into the undercover area where the view was, probably as it was near the restaurant area and a bar (restaurant opens later on, lunch crowd was long gone) but they were up in the cafeteria (no view). I have seen the same while hiking through Victorian high country in peak season…. rush rush rush with no real reason to be their I guess. The point of my rambling on… Stop a while and chill out.

To this end think business rush.

  • Stop more often to ‘smell the roses’, achievements can be so fleeting.
  • Create some ‘you time’ to really unwind and if you have family, some family time as well, and may I suggest you make it high quality time as well!
  • Give your staff time out – in the middle of a day at random, pick one and say time out, you get an extra hour for lunch. (no its not redeemable for cash… or time in lieu etc.)
  • Chilling out might give you thinking time, one guy I know has a thinking space in his warehouse well away from his office, phone and interruptions, he can gaze out over his ’empire’ and check out the flow (no not watching the ants do their jobs…) from here he can jot down notes etc, its not fancy but it suits him. – Don’t expect miracle ideas to happen, (okay they will some times, but not if you force them). Break free from the pack and explore the beauty the world has to offer, you may only get one go at being an active part of this planet, so give it your best shot.

See what gazing at mountains can do!

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