Beyond the Threshold

Threshold, a limit you reach where a reaction takes place…

In business this can mean many things, I would like you to explore the thought of threshold and consider how many areas you have a threshold with, any area where you reach a limit and your ‘comfort zone’ is stretched too far and you retreat or even “explode!” when things get too much…

There are basic ones, like two sugars in your coffee is probably okay, but five and that puts you way off.

Simple and easy, but what if you have other thresholds? For me as a kid I would race down a big hill on my bike and feel the adrenaline rush, it would peak, and if I was in a daring mood and went faster (or my brakes failed!) I would feel it peak twice!! WOW! That was a sensation. I didn’t get that very often, usually at the top end of the first adrenaline rush the speed wobbles would freak me right out and I would have to stop (or fall off, OUCH!)

In business this can be a stress level, or the amount of hours we work (go too far and you soon learn your threshold.)

In some cases as a business coach I have seen a threshold for earnings, some clients say they are happy earning $x and if they go over it they have a hard time accepting it and quickly pull back often literally sabotaging things to bring things back to their comfort level. Others say they want to earn greater than their $x level, but despite knowing how to do it and having the skills to readily do it they fail to do it… Why because they have reached their ‘internal’ or subconscious threshold level.

I guess this would go some way to explaining why some people maintain poverty levels in some societies due simply to not wanting or being able to stretch their comfort zones enough to make the changes required.

Other examples might be the umber of employees a company will take on, or even breaking the bond from being on their own to having an employee full stop!

May I suggest you take a good look at every aspect of your business (Marketing – Operations – Management) and figure out if you have any threshold limits which may prevent you and your business from being all it can be. Then find ways to overcome these challenges and explore the wider notion of being in business. If you could be better, why not be better?

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