A question

Dear overarching ever so controlling big entity in the Ether.

I have a challenge I would like to overcome, and you being the controller of all things challenging (seeing as how you create them and all that…)

Ok so the challenge is not a big one, not like solving the world hunger or anything like that, no no, this is a modest ask. I have a question…

You see, I have a friend who wants to earn $$ running a small business and quite frankly I am beside myself with concern, well not really concern I guess I am just a bit flummoxed or somehow rattled, perhaps uneasy is the word I am searching for.

With all my experience in business matters I know there are pitfalls he should be aware of in any business venture, but should I tell him about them?

No that’s not the real question, or is it… Yes I suppose it is… Or maybe I should ask this question of you…”Is it okay to tell him to get $40k (or there about’s) out of his bank in small notes, then stand on a street corner and throw the money slowly to the good folk passing by? No no, that’s too obvious perhaps it should be this… Is it Okay for me to point him in the direction of free business tips .com.au or steve gray .biz and suggest he do some serious trawling through the many articles on business, customer service, marketing, planning etc and see if he can make a plan of action for a start up that will set him in good stead? mmm that seems like a big awkward question.

Perhaps I should suggest he do his sums, Public liability insurance (it’s more for tree cutting you know), vehicle running costs, how much his running around will cost in time and effort for little or no return (things like quoting), how long he can he go at the start with minimal capital to run around and market his business?

Oh and how will he deal with bookkeeping after hours when he would rather be on the couch watching TV? and lets face it he’s not getting any younger, so the physical toll can be a HUGE factor, oh yes and of course I will tell him to keep his fluids up, 3 – 4 surgically removed Kidney stones have taught me that, so that’s not  part of the question… That I know is a killer, not being able to work for  4 – 6 weeks so no money coming in…

Perhaps I should ask you if I should tell him about the upside of business how he could develop a team of people to meet the needs of his customers and he then takes the profits and sits back and wallows in the $$ yeah that’s a good angle, and I could leave out the part about planning, getting the business to critical mass ($$ wise) to be able to do that, and the OHS compliance issues, holiday pay and the like he would have to deal with.

Maybe a positive focus on how good it feels to be your own boss, but then the customers who ring day and night seem to somehow take the edge off that, and the whiners and moaners about how things weren’t done right and when are you coming to fix it…

And about that the customers that is, why are there only two types good ones and bad one eh? What do you have to say for yourself on that issue? hmm too hard hey…

Now back to the question…  To be or not be in business, that is the question 🙂 Actually now I look at it it’s more of a riddle than a question.

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