A different approach to values

Some will say the best organisations in the long-term positive performance stakes are ones which are able to mix profits, passion and purpose.

One way to do this is to develop a set of values people want to be part of. The sort of values they can see themselves easily engrossed in. When this happens they will see and become involved in the organisations vision with greater ease.

My usual instinct when it comes to values is to spell out the lowest common denominator e.g. respect – tolerance – loyalty – commitment, and then allow the reader to fill in the gaps in their head, then make their approach to the values ‘kick in’ so they develop the details they want. However a set of values with a bit more information can ensure you spell out more specific details.

Let’s try this with a list aimed at building a happy workplace culture and use some more descriptive approaches to values

  1. Deliver wow factor service – It’s all in the customer experience, the better the customer service is the easier it is to have a happy business
  2. Create a fun environment for staff and customers, a little quirkiness can be useful to – Happiness starts and end with you
  3. Be creative, adventurous and open-minded – Creative approaches often solve problems, being open minded and adventurous goes along with exploring this notion
  4. Encourage growth and life-long learning – Learners can be better earners,  your people can build capacity to assist the organisation and see themselves grow
  5. Build open and honest relationships with positive communication – Silence may be golden but effective communication can do so much more
  6. Build a positive team and family psyche – Live the ideal of the work-life balance
  7. Be passionate and determined – Determined and passionate to get great results, you will feel a sense of achievement and the organisation will benefit as well

I like the way that it’s almost an action plan with enough description to provide extra clarity.

Hopefully you can see the ‘value of my values statement’ delivered this way and it might give you some fresh ideas on creating a win-win organisation  you people want to be part of in the longer term. Try it I hope you like it!

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