7 steps to making your promo video work

Video presentations are powerful tools, people can see what you have to offer in a very active way, but there can be challenges. Today I was directed to check out a website, when I got there the four or five videos lined up down the right hand side were all blocked by the workplace IT guys… oops. I checked out other parts of the site however it would have been great to see the organisation in action. It got me thinking…

  • Blocked Videos – What if the audience you are aiming at has the video channels blocked on their work computer… Guess what when they get home, chances are they may not go to a work related site to check out your video.
  • Problems – The video looks great but there are problems with people loading it, it stops and starts, has some form of technical error. Check whatever you put up on your website works well on a range of systems and download speeds, if not change it.
  • It was cheap to produce – It probably looks cheap too! Of course there are exceptions but in the main there can be challenges if you do things on the cheap. Will it convey the professionalism you want it to show? Will people ‘discount’ you and your organisation too fast if it is cheap and nasty? Chances are yes they will and your image will be shot.
  • Showcase the boss? – Who is in the video counts, if you are the boss and people know your voice, how you look, and you are the drawcard for the business then by all means be in the video, however if the opposite is true then stay out of it, let the professionals Direct the show for you and select people to ‘star’ in the video who will suit your target market.
  • Content – You thought the information you wanted to put on it was great and told your customers everything you wanted to tell them. To make sure you got it right try it out on a heap of people, customers and clients you respect and see if they agree with you.
  • Call to action – The video looks great, but ask the all-important question… “What do I want them to do next?” The call to action is important to ensure they will call you or visit your website or even your place of business if that’s what you want them to do. Make it clear, easy and compelling.
  • Simplicity rocks – Take a look at TV adverts, often they are simple and to the point, and manage to get the point across in 30secs or so. Perhaps your video should do the same.

That’s my video ideas list, stick to it and cause more people to check your business out for all the right reasons.

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